Miracle Healings

"Many Christian and Hindu Saints have cured people through their own faith" says Swami Vishwananda.
So many healings occured through the prayers of Swami Vishwananda.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Healing with Love by the Grace of Sri Swami Vishwananda.

‘‘Our vision is to serve the needy children, the less fortunate and to create a better environment for them.”

We are a group of volunteers based in Nairobi who have formed a Seva society. We believe that through love and selfless deeds we can make a difference and create a life changing moment for the less fortunate. We are committed to serving the less fortunate children by visiting homes in Nairobi and offering them with what we can such as Food, Wheelchairs etc. We endeavor to visit one home every month.


The Swami Viswahanda Seva Society volunteers arranged a seva day for the 25th December 2010 at Caroline Wambui Mungai Foundation. This is a foundation that was formed in the memory of Caroline. The foundation was established in December 2004 to rescue orphans and vulnerable children from poverty to destiny with love.

We wanted to celebrate Christmas day with the children. Christmas day is the day when Jesus was born. Celebrating Christmas is not just to attend to churches, Midnight masses or Bhajan singing, but it’s much deeper than that. This is the day when Jesus brought something new to the world, which is forgiveness, Compassion and Love. There are many Avatars, saints and prophets who have taught and brought Love to people, but Jesus brought Love and forgiveness. This is the day when you pray to remind yourself of the forgiveness by firstly forgiving yourself for whatever you have done wrong followed by forgiving others who have wronged you.

It’s not about God forgiving you, but it’s about forgiving yourself first. And after that, focus on the Love that you carry inside of you. This is day when he is born inside each one of us. And this rebirth should not only be there during Christmas time but should be there all the time. He is born continuously in each cell of your body to remind us all of the love, compassion and forgiveness - Sri Swami Vishwananda

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