Miracle Healings

"Many Christian and Hindu Saints have cured people through their own faith" says Swami Vishwananda.
So many healings occured through the prayers of Swami Vishwananda.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Swami Vishwananda heals a blood clot in the brain

Vidula from Brasília, Brazil, who is an OM organizer and stayed here in the Centre for one month around Guru Purnima wrote me about the following healing experience with Guruji: Swami Vishwananda.
It was Sunday, early morning...I woke up and slept again. In my dream Swamiji was in Brazil and after the Darshan we were in a church. Then, I noticed that Swamiji Vishwananda was talking to one of my cousins (she has never met Swami Vishwananda in this life). They were sitting on one of the church' benches and the church was full of people sit down around them. My cousin who is very shy was talking a lot with Swamiji! And as she was talking in Portuguese I thought “Does Guruji understand everything that Adriene is saying? I woke up feeling very happy because of that dream and to see my cousin with Swami Vishwananda. Later on that day, my mum called me on the phone to tell me that Adriene suffered an AVC on Sunday early morning and she was having a surgery to remove the blood clot from the brain...and exactly that morning I had that dream with her and Swami Vishwananda! To me that means that she was having divine protection! And then in my mind the connection was done to OM Healing because in every OM Healing Circle I always visualize all my family receiving healing. Adriene did really received a Divine Blessing from Guruji because she recovered completely, without any AVC' consequences.” 
Love, Padmavati

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Healing a throat cancer through the blessing of Swami Vishwananda

 Ana Paula from Portugal wrote me saying that the result of the biopsy test after the throat surgery showed that she does not have cancer anymore. She feels very happy, relieved and grateful and asked me to share this hiper-super great new (as she described it) with all and also to thank Guruji Swami Vishwananda and everybody for all help, prayers, OM healings dedicated to her.

As some of you know, she had been diagnosed with a throat cancer in May after a surgery and in the best of options according to the doctors she had to go through several surgeries for a period of an year with complete loss of the voice...she followed the advice of a friend, Madhu, a Swami Vishwananda's devotee from Portugal and suddenly decided to come to Springen to do AK and participate in the AK Retreat for Portuguese-speaking people from 18-27th May, which included Swami Vishwananda's Darshans. In the morning of 26th May she received an sms to let her know that a scan test had already been scheduled in the morning of 28th and a surgery on the 29th. She asked Swami Vishwananda's help and advice. During the Darshan of 26th Guruji advised her to do the surgery and told her that everything would be fine. During the Darshan of 27th Swami Vishwananda pressed her throat very strongly with his hand...
Jai Gurudev! Love, Padmavati