Miracle Healings

"Many Christian and Hindu Saints have cured people through their own faith" says Swami Vishwananda.
So many healings occured through the prayers of Swami Vishwananda.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Healing Mauritius Sept-Oct. 2010

Suniti is a 42 year old devotee of Sri Swami Vishwananda who lives on the island of Mauritius. She has known Swamiji since He was a child. She had been having severe headaches and, also, feelings of giddiness in September and October 2010.

She went to the doctor who sent her to hospital. The doctors of the hospital diagnosed that a vein was broken and was bleeding inside her head. To repair this internal bleeding, the doctor said she would need surgery and if she didn’t have the surgery she could become paralyzed or even die suddenly. He advised her to go to South Africa to undergo the surgery.

Suniti’s sister called Swamiji’s aunty and explained to her what Suniti’s doctors had diagnosed and that surgery was advised. Swami was, at that time, in Kenya. His aunty called Swamiji in Kenya and told him all the story. Swamiji said “No, she has nothing. There is no need to go to Africa. It is nothing to worry about and it will disappear when left alone.”

After hearing this from the aunty, the sister called Sri Swami Vishwananda directly to ask if He was really sure. Swamiji told her “ Yes. She doesn’t need to go for surgery. Tell the doctor to let her free and the headache will disappear soon.”

As the doctor was insisting more and more, the family decided to try and collect the funds to send Suniti to Africa for surgery, but they could not afford the expenses for the flight to Africa and the surgery, so the Ministry of Health of Mauritius gave them financial assistance. Before they flew, Swamiji called Suniti’s sister at 4h AM before the flight to tell her not to take Suniti on the plane and that these expenses were not necessary. But the doctors insisted so much that she and Suniti flew to Durban to the hospital specializing in this type of surgery. There the doctors made an examination and diagnostic tests and saw that the bleeding had stopped and they said there was no need for an operation just as Sri Swami Vishwananda had foreseen.

Suniti went back home and has no more headaches.


Sri Swami Vishwananda will be in residence at His International Headquarters, Sri Peetha Nilaya centre, and giving darshan 5th February. Come experience Compassion, Joy and Love Incarnate, Sri Swami Vishwananda, in Heidenrod-Springen, Germany.

Pre-registration is required, so please email registration@bhaktimarga.org. Click for Swamiji's schedule or for info about his latest book of talks.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sri Swami Vishwananda's Healing Gift

Sri Swami Vishwananda, Beloved Master and Satguru, who is a direct disciple of Paramguru Mahavatar Kriya Babaji, who reintroduced it to the world, has given the Gift of the OM Healing Technique out of His Love for mankind.

From the mouths of babes or, rather, Indigo/Crystal Children participating in OM Healing Circles in Portugal we have the following:

"Hoje ficaram muitos meninos curados cá na terra e que a crise se vai resolver, isto (Om healing) é bom também para curar muita gente e a terra também."

Daniela, 8 anos de idade. Om Healing Entroncamento, Portugal. (15-01-2011)

"Today many children were healed here on Earth and the crisis will be solved. This (OM Healing Technique) is, also, good to heal many people and the Earth."

Daniela, 8 years old. Om Healing Entroncamento, Portugal (15-01-2011).

OM Healing is an ancient group healing technique that uses the cosmic vibration of OM for healing humanity and Mother Earth.

It comes from ancient times when mankind was more connected to a higher wisdom and living in harmony with the universe. The rishis (the ancient sages who are sources of the Vedic scriptures), used this powerful primordial vibration of OM to bring about healing to their fellowmen and balance to people and nature. We are all needed to create change, to help turn around the imbalances in our world, whether they are in ourselves, our families, our society or our environment.

Many healings have occurred associated with OM Healing Circles at Shree Peetha Nilaya and around the world, which are facilitated by OM Healing leaders with the blessing of Sri Swami Vishwananda. Come join the OM Healing Circle at Shree Peetha Nilaya before Sri Swami Vishwananda's next darshan 5th February (pre-registration required-registration @ bhaktimarga.org) or click on OM Healing above to find a circle near you.

To help heal Mother Earth, join Sri Swami Vishwananda's Bhu Devi Yagna (pre-registration required) 13, 14 15 May, 2011 at Sri Peetha Nilaya.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A story of Healing
through the grace of

Healing from myositis ossifficans

The father of the child told this story the 15th of January 2011. His son, called Haresh Burun, had his arm broken. The bone was not healing well and an abnormal growth could be seen on the arm. The doctor said surgery was required. The surgery was done, but a piece of the bone was still growing. The doctor said it was a disease called myositis ossifficans* and it could not be cured. The child’s arm was becoming bigger. The doctors said this abnormal growth would continue growing and that there was no remedy for this.

The parents, with their son, went to Sri Swami Vishwananda who put his hands on Haresh’s arm and made a prayer. After some time the parents went back to the doctor who checked the child’s arm and found that the growth had stopped completely to grow.

(story received from Pritalananda)

*myositis ossificans


a rare inherited disease in which muscle tissue is replaced by bone. It begins in childhood, with stiffness in the neck and back, and progresses to rigidity of the spine, trunk, and limbs. The administration of diphosphonates1 may prevent the abnormal deposition of bone, but there is no cure after it has occurred. Metabolism of calcium and phosphate remains normal throughout the course of the disease.

Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.

1 http://www.reference.md/files/D004/mD004164.html

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Healing with Sri Swami Vishwananda

The following story from Sri Swami Vishwananda's new book of his talks, JUST LOVE, is a metaphor for the path to healing and, of course, for the Guru Disciple relationship. ;)

So one day they asked the bamboo, “Tell us the secret of it. What secret do you have, that the Lord treasures you so much?”

About surrendering, there is a beautiful story about the flute of Krishna. You know Krishna always holds a flute in his hand, but there is a great story behind it. Everyday Krishna would go in the garden and say to all the plants “I love you.” The plants were very happy and responded back and said “Krishna, we love You, too.” One day Krishna rushed quickly into the garden very alarmed. He went to the bamboo plant and the bamboo plant asked “Krishna, what’s wrong with you?” Krishna said “I have something to ask you, but it is very difficult.” The bamboo said “Tell me. If I can, I will give it to you.” So Krishna said “I need your life. I need to cut you.” The bamboo thought for a while and then said “You don’t have any other choice? You don’t have any other way?” Krishna said “No, no other way.” And it said “OK, I surrender to you.”

So Krishna cut the bamboo, made holes in it, and each time, while he was doing that, the bamboo was crying with pain, because he was paining the bamboo so much. Krishna made a beautiful flute out of it. And this flute was with Krishna all the time. 24 hours a day, it was with Krishna. Even the Gopis were jealous of the flute. They said “Look, Krishna is our Lord, but yet we get to spend only some time with him. He wakes up with you, He sleeps with you, all the time you are with him.” So one day they asked the bamboo, “Tell us the secret of it. What secret do you have, that the Lord treasures you so much?” And the bamboo said “The secret is that I’m empty inside. And the Lord does whatever he wants with me, whenever he wants and however he wants with me.”

So this is complete surrender: where God can do whatever He wants with you, whenever He wants, as He wants. And for that you don’t need to be scared, you know, you have just to give yourself. And who is your Self in Reality? It’s just Him! In the Gita, Krishna said: Everything is Me. In the Bible, Christ said: Give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and what belongs to God, to God. But what belongs to God? It is your spirit. It is your true Self. If you want to Realise your Self, be like the flute! Make your prayer like this “Lord, do whatever you want with me, whenever you want with me, and however you want with me.” excerpt from Just Love: The Essence of Everything

So, just surrender and JUST LOVE. Swamiji's next darshan at Shree Peetha Nilaya is 5 February. Come be enveloped in His Love, sing bhajans to the Divine with us and begin or continue your path to healing, wholeness and Unity with the Beloved One.

In the meantime, see Gurudeva on-line at YouTube.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Healing with Love by the Grace of Sri Swami Vishwananda.

‘‘Our vision is to serve the needy children, the less fortunate and to create a better environment for them.”

We are a group of volunteers based in Nairobi who have formed a Seva society. We believe that through love and selfless deeds we can make a difference and create a life changing moment for the less fortunate. We are committed to serving the less fortunate children by visiting homes in Nairobi and offering them with what we can such as Food, Wheelchairs etc. We endeavor to visit one home every month.


The Swami Viswahanda Seva Society volunteers arranged a seva day for the 25th December 2010 at Caroline Wambui Mungai Foundation. This is a foundation that was formed in the memory of Caroline. The foundation was established in December 2004 to rescue orphans and vulnerable children from poverty to destiny with love.

We wanted to celebrate Christmas day with the children. Christmas day is the day when Jesus was born. Celebrating Christmas is not just to attend to churches, Midnight masses or Bhajan singing, but it’s much deeper than that. This is the day when Jesus brought something new to the world, which is forgiveness, Compassion and Love. There are many Avatars, saints and prophets who have taught and brought Love to people, but Jesus brought Love and forgiveness. This is the day when you pray to remind yourself of the forgiveness by firstly forgiving yourself for whatever you have done wrong followed by forgiving others who have wronged you.

It’s not about God forgiving you, but it’s about forgiving yourself first. And after that, focus on the Love that you carry inside of you. This is day when he is born inside each one of us. And this rebirth should not only be there during Christmas time but should be there all the time. He is born continuously in each cell of your body to remind us all of the love, compassion and forgiveness - Sri Swami Vishwananda